Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Blog #5 Tears on Tears

Another bad day goes in the book for Liz!b Yay me right?! So my mom got pissed because I stayed the night at my sisters but did she really expect me to want to stay home with them fighting. So i get home this morning and me and her started yelling at each other and I stuck up for my dad. Then she went crazy and told us she is leaving after work and that us girls only think about ourselves then she told my dad she didn't love him anymore after 30 years. But guys I fucking figured it out, I tied all the strings together! She got so mad at me and Tyler for cuddling right? Yeah well earlier today she was screaming at my dad how she can't go another 20 years without a sex life and without feeling loved, which is reassuring that they don't have sex but I don't want that image in my head. But anyways she got so upset because she thinks I'm getting what she can't! She got mad because she thinks we are having sex and that made her think about how she doesn't have sex and it made her go crazy! I don't honestly know if that's anywhere near correct but it makes sense. Anyways I went t school crying and balled my eyes out to Tate, my best friend. And me and Tyler, yeah I just don't think I am feeling it anymore. After all I been through lately I just don't know if I really love him. I would end it with him if I could but its just so complicated. And I honestly think I like someone else, I would tell you who but I don't know if I really do our not. Oh and I almost forgot I got my hair ombre today and I love it!! But anyways I need to get to bed but Ill tell you more tomorrow! Later bitches. xoxo.

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