Sunday, May 31, 2015

Blog #9 So many questions...

Hey guys! So last night I had to go to a wedding reception which was fun and my biggest crush ever was there! My crush is named Logan, he is super athletic, tall, blond hair, blue eyes, wears hats backwards, senior, taken :(. I have had a crush on him for a very long time. His girlfriend is a bitch but she is really pretty, super athletic, smart, and everyone basically looks up to her. I have never actually talked to Logan, one time he did ask me to tell the bus driver to turn the heat off on our way to our basketball game, does that count? The thing about Logan is I like him because of what all he could be. I know I don't know him but our families are really close so I hear about him a lot. I am the type of girl who loves to have fun and dance, especially dance. Kids at my school love to drink to have fun, which I have never drank and I don't care if people do and I will hang out with people who do at parties but I have learned to have my own fun without it. Growing up with two sisters who loved to party I have just always danced and had the greatest time, I don't need alcohol to come out of my shell and have a good time. I have always felt that Logan is the one who will have a great time, and he was always like that until he fell in love with the bitch who hates parties. I just know his family and I know he just wants to have fun, I see him in the corner of the room with the bitch on his lap at a dance and I can tell he just wants to get up and dance. He is a drinker at parties but he gets it honest. He is also so shy which is so weird because he used to never be like that when we were little. When I was little we talked a little bit but that was when I was eight or something. I also know he can be a douche bag that's why I have no clue why I am in love with a boy I know nothing about. I always want a boy who can have fun and I don't think Logan knows how to but I think he could.  Why do we fall in love with people we know nothing about? I think its because the moment we see the cute guy hanging out in the street we know that's what we want. That guy has no clue and doesn't make any effort to talk to us and it drives us insane. We crave for his attention and when they don't give us it we want it even more. We want what we can't have. I know I don't have a chance getting to be with Logan that's why my love for the guy is in a cage, and I don't let it out. I don't let a crush hold me back from falling in love or seeing other guys but he does influence the guys I like. Tyler was always friends with Logan and when they would talk I would be there trying not to slobber because of how cute he is. This blog may seem like I'm a stalker or a creep but I'm just letting you know I'm not. Last night when I was dancing I saw him watching and it just sparked my flame a little bit but don't worry by tomorrow it will be out. It's not like I really need to date though. I am only 15 its not like the guy I date is who I am going to marry. I think this summer I am just going to say fuck it to all boys and just have a great time. I have more things to focus on then being with a guy this summer. I have always wanted that summer romance but I guess as I have been growing up I realized the best summer you can have is the summer where you just go to parties all the time and dance. If I find a boy who will dance with me then I will think about adding him to my summer but if he doesn't dance he doesn't make the list. This blog is just really everywhere tonight I guess its because of these long summer days with no school. I guess that is all I am going to rant about tonight lmao. Hope you guys are having a lovely summer! Later Bitches xoxo!

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