Friday, May 29, 2015

Fuck... Blog #8

Guy's I have fucked up. I thought that I actually liked Koy but I don't! I thought that I could just not care about Tate but I can't. So funny story.... So my mom wanted to go to the movies so I was like okay! Well Drew quit snapchating me which was weird but I didn't care nor did I snap him. Well anyways I thought maybe I should take Tate to the movies so we can just get over fighting. Turns out she was already going to the movies... with Drew!! So that explained it all, I would just like to thank god that I didn't go to the same movie as them. But I have really been missing Tate so I texted her about boys and stuff like we used to and I just said that I really need a guy to just hang out with. I didn't realize Drew would be reading our messages. Then a guy way hotter then Drew snapped me! Guys he is gorgeous! So I was telling Tate about him and like 20 minutes later Drew snapped me making jokes about it. Then Tate started telling me how perfect her and Drew are and how they just made out and it was great and blah blah blah. Drew did the same thing but I think it was just to make me jealous but I don't really care, but why would they think I would want to hear about them making out! Especially Tate, why would she think that I would want to know all that!? When me and Tyler were dating I didn't tell her about our relationship. Oh and yeah super hot guy is a stoner so there goes that. I just say fuck it, fuck it all! Why do I need a boy or best friends? I don't! I just need my bed, my dogs, and chick flicks so I can cry every night alone! Okay so maybe that was dramatic but you get the point. I just want that one true friend but I don't think that exists in this small town. Life sometimes can just really suck, but I am so grateful for my family. But anyways I'm going to bed goodnight! Later bitches! xoxo

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