Thursday, May 28, 2015

Shit happens. Blog #7

Okay so first I would like to say I'm sorry for not blogging but its been a rough time I guess. And I also felt like blogging was bringing me bad luck is that weird? When actually I think I'm just realizing that I have some real bad fucking luck. So lucky for you guys you get to hear about all my fucking awful situations.

Good News: On a good note my parents are fine and back to normal. It got really bad for awhile but they talked about it all and now my dad just kisses her ass which is funny. But also they were fighting because they had no sex life and now they are all happy so you know what that means... ew. But yeah the whole fam bam is happy and my sister got a new puppy! Her name is Kiya, she is adorable.

The rest of my fucked up life. Soo I did it, I broke up with Tyler. We were at a graduation party and he just got so mad at me and I was trying to have a good time and that was my breaking point. So I broke up with him and the first day I was just fine. The second day was shit though, so Tate has been texting Tyler ever since we broke up. Like everyone was telling me that its just because she is helping him, well what the fuck he is a big boy he can deal with his own shit. The part that really sucks is she was encouraging me to end it with him and I did it. I thought that she would be there for ME, for ME not HIM. I loved them both, they were both my best friends and I LOST THEM. Why did she take his side? The worst part was she was always talking about him everyday, and she has a super fucking hot boyfriend who is a sweetheart.  Did she really think that I would want to hear about Tyler all day, everyday!? Did she really think that wouldn't hurt me like knife to the heart? And she told me everyday how I am an awful person who broke his heart.  I felt like I had nobody, I would cry all day because I lost everyone. Now if they both loved me why would they do this. Tate didn't even ask me if I was okay, but guess who did? You guessed right it was her super fucking hot boyfriend. Me and him have dated before, last year. Me and him have always been best fiends aka biffles. He was just there for me, he asked me if I was okay, he listened to me rant, he kept my secrets, he was okay with me bawling my eyes out, so I've been leaning on him. We have been talking everyday, I know this is awful because he is dating Tate but when I don't text him I cry and cry and cry. He gets my mind off of things. He kind of flirts with me once in awhile and I might do it back. Nobody knows we text and stuff though. Its our secret, we have both said we need to quit so Tate doesn't get pissed but guess what we haven't stopped. I think I might have feelings for him but I can't do that to Tate, I know she is doing it to me but it just feels so wrong but so right. But I can't do that to Drew (Tate's hot boyfriend) I know he likes me but I can't be a thing with him. He is to nice of a guy and I would just be rebounding and he doest deserve that. Tate is also the perfect girl, she is pretty, super nice, acts dumb which boys love, kind of shy, smart, all the parents love her and they all seem to hate me. Well that was my longer than usual rant, sorry about it!! I promise to try to keep blogging, feel free to make a comment! Later Bitches! xoxo

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