Monday, June 1, 2015

Blog #10 So grumpy.

So I have decided rather then dealing with Tyler and all of his gay ass messages trying to get me back I am just ignoring him. I am ignoring him by losing my phone on purpose and letting it die, not charging it unless I need to. I am also doing this to avoid all the other fuck boys trying to get with me and the drama that comes with them. I just don't want to be locked down this summer and fight and stress about boys. I also just do not have an urge to talk to anyone. At this point I am starting to become a bitch who hates every guy. Its all because of Tyler, he broke my heart but still won't let go which hurts more and more everyday. I guess my way of being strong is being pissed at every guy who likes me. I know that's fucked up but I can't deal with somebody else trying to be "my person". I don't want to tell someone how my day is everyday when it sucks everyday. Okay maybe I'm being a little dramatic. My life isn't that bad and my days are kind of good but when talking to another guy it sucks because I feel like I should be talking to Tyler. I know he sucked as a boyfriend but he took up a lot of my life. He just became such a perv and a fuck boy towards the end of our relationship and he is still the same now that we broke up. I don't know guys are so cute but they are assholes. Anyways I am going to bed because I am just in that mood today Later bitches xoxo!

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  1. I hope you are okay. Boys are awful sometimes; they get under your skin until you can't do anything but run as far away from them as you can. They totally suck, and aren't worth our time.
    You sound like you deserve a good summer, tough luck Tyler. He's an arse anyway.